How do I become consecrated to Jesus?

To consecrate yourself is to answer God’s call to spiritual consecration. This means making a conscious, willing decision to dedicate your soul, mind, heart, and body to God. This decision must be one of will, intelligence, and affection. Only you can make the decision to consecrate yourself to God.

What does it mean to be consecrated to Jesus?

Consecrate means to make holy or to dedicate to a higher purpose. … The secr part of consecrate comes from the Latin sacer “sacred.” Remember that something consecrated is dedicated to God and thus sacred.

How do you consecrate something?

Some ways to consecrate an item include:

  1. Say a prayer over it, dedicating the use of the object to it’s intended purpose.
  2. Anoint the object with oils that are also cleansed, charged and consecrated.


What happens during the act of consecration?

A very special act of consecration is that of the Eucharistic gifts bread and wine in the Holy Mass, which according to Catholic belief involves their change into the Body and Blood of Christ, a change referred to as transubstantiation.

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What does Bible say about consecration?

The Lord said to Moses, “Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their garments.” “Also let the priests who come near to the Lord consecrate themselves, lest the Lord break out against them.”

What does it mean to live a consecrated life?

Consecrated life is a state of life in the Catholic Church lived by those faithful who are called to follow Jesus Christ in a more exacting way. … They led lives dedicated to God, each in his own way.

Why is consecration important to God?

As believers we are called to consecration. Biblically this means living a life surrendered to the Lord, accepting His will for us and seeking that will each day. … But being consecrated to the Lord means being set apart for His purposes and choosing to live a holy life that honors and brings glory to the Lord.

How do I know what God’s will is for me?

Following God’s Plan for Your Life:

  1. Be in prayer. A way to know that you are following God’s plan for your life is by being in prayer. …
  2. Be actively reading in the Word. …
  3. Follow the commands He puts on your heart. …
  4. Seek a godly community. …
  5. Obey the Truth.


Does consecrate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to induct (a person) into a permanent office with a religious rite especially : to ordain to the office of bishop. 2a : to make or declare sacred especially : to devote irrevocably to the worship of God by a solemn ceremony consecrate a church.

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How do you consecrate a weapon?

  1. The celebrant selects an isolated site by a body of water and sets the ritual items in place, laying the sword near the water’s edge. …
  2. When he is ready, the celebrant folds back the cloth wrapping and takes up the weapon, slowly passing the blade over the candle flame while speaking: “(sword’s name)!

What are the benefits of consecration?

What are the benefits of consecrating one’s life to God? It builds your faith in God; it causes you to be able to hear His voice to order your steps daily; it strengthens your love. Walk with God to be more forgiving and understanding.

Why did Jesus consecrate himself?

John 17:19 stated that Jesus sanctified Himself in order that we can be sanctified. This makes Jesus the author of our sanctification, or holiness process. Hebrews 13:12 states “Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people through His own blood, suffered outside the gate.”

What is the difference between sanctification and consecration?

is that consecrate is to declare, or otherwise make something holy while sanctify is to make holy; to consecrate set aside for sacred or ceremonial use.

Why did God say Eliab was not going to be the king?

However, God told Samuel that Eliab did not have the proper heart to be king of Israel: … Some commentators have suggested that Eliab was rejected because of his temper, as he argued with David before David went to fight Goliath, accusing David of pride and insolence.

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What does it mean to consecrate yourself to St Joseph?

Joseph was and why we should grow closer to him. Consecration to St. Joseph basically means you acknowledge that St. Joseph is your spiritual father and that you want to live more like him embodying his virtues of purity, courage, justice, obedience, faithfulness, patience, poverty, and love of work.

What is another word for consecrate?

Some common synonyms of consecrate are dedicate, devote, and hallow.

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