How do we know God’s heart?

How do you know the heart of God?

We can actually know what the heart of God is from the horse’s mouth. The verse quoted above shows that Jesus is in the heart of God! He is in the bosom of the Father, it’s from whence he came, and it’s where he’s gone. If there is anyone in existence who knows the heart of God, it’s Jesus Christ.

How do you pursue God’s heart?

Ask your self what it means for you in your life.

  1. Study His Word. Start at the beginning in Genesis and read through His word. …
  2. Learn who He is. This kind of goes hand in hand with studying His word, but really focus on God’s characteristics. …
  3. Talk to Him. …
  4. Seek Him. …
  5. Listen to Him. …
  6. Ask others about Him. …
  7. Get involved. …
  8. Be yourself.


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What is the desire of God’s heart?

Throughout the book of Romans, God has been showing us that the desire of His heart is the salvation of those who are lost.

How does God speak to our hearts?

speak to us in a voice we recognize when we come to Him—for he knows us. He meets us where we are.” No matter our level of understanding, God does want to communicate with us through prayer and through the influence of the Holy Spirit. … When God speaks, we will feel it in our hearts and minds.

Why is the heart so important to God?

This provides the oxygen and nutrients that our bodies need to survive. A heart that is healthy pumps the right amount of blood at a rate that allows the human body to function as God created. So I think it’s safe to say that the human heart is one of the most important organs God placed within our bodies.

What moves the heart of God?

Prayer is a Tool: It moves the heart of God.

What’s it mean to seek God’s face?

Seeking the Lord means seeking his presence. “Presence” is a common translation of the Hebrew word “face.” Literally, we are to seek his “face.” But this is the Hebraic way of having access to God. To be before his face is to be in his presence. … But there is a sense in which God’s presence is not with us always.

Why does God want us to pursue him?

Many Christians think God is supposed to be seeking us. They believe that God is supposed to try to get our attention. And that IF he does enough to impress or “woo” us, THEN we can choose to follow Him and live for Him. They think that God needs to take the first step.

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How do I seek God?

Let’s turn to the Scriptures and see 4 ways to Pursue after the Presence of God.

  1. Set your PRIORITIES in Order. …
  2. Seek His Presence through PRAYER. …
  3. Seek His Presence with HUMILITY. …
  4. Seek His Presence through SURRENDER.


What is God’s greatest desire?

God desires His people to be saved, and He desires to have us spend eternity with Him. And as we know, nothing is powerful enough to stop what God has planned.

How do I know if I am following God’s will?

You will know you are following God’s will for your life by your attitude towards the things that are out of your control. As 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 states, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

How do you know if it’s God’s will or mine?

Here are ways how to know God’s will:

  • The Door that God Opens Will Never Contradict His Word. …
  • The Door that God Opens Will be Accompanied by Confirmation. …
  • The Door God Opens Will Require You to Depend on Him.


Can God speak to you through your mind?

God can speak to you through your mind, but it comes through your spirit. This is a primary way that God speaks. The ability to tell which thoughts are from God and which thoughts are just from yourself will get easier with experience.

Does God speak to you?

Throughout human history, God has initiated communication with humanity by speaking audibly to humans. He also speaks to us through the glory of His creation. Additionally, He speaks to us through His Holy Spirit and through dreams, visions and our thoughts.

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Can God speak to you through someone else?

4:11). An “oracle” is an “utterance, a spokesman or mouthpiece.” God speaks through preachers and teachers, but He can also speak through our spouse, kids, friends and even enemies. God uses human channels to speak words of prophecy, tongues and interpretation and words of wisdom and knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8-10).

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