What does God’s testimony mean?

The testimony is the self revelation of God. In other words, it represents God’s heart desire, which is also God’s requirement; or we may say, God’s standard. His standard reveals himself, showing us what a God He is. When this testimony comes to man, it becomes law. … The testimony is the self revelation of God.

What does testimony mean in the Bible?

Christians in general, especially within the Evangelical tradition, use the term “to testify” or “to give one’s testimony” to mean “to tell the story of how one became a Christian”. Commonly it may refer to a specific event in a Christian’s life in which God did something deemed particularly worth sharing.

What does testimony mean?

1a : a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official. b : firsthand authentication of a fact : evidence.

What does the word testimony mean in Hebrew?

In the Hebrew text, the root word which we translate as ‘testimony’ means to ‘repeat’, ‘return’ or ‘do again’. … It means that testimonies aren’t just encouraging stories.

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What does the Bible say about being a good testimony?

Be the witness we are called to be in Acts 1:8. It doesn’t have to be anything hard, uncomfortable, or difficult. It can be as simple as sharing the great news of what God for you the next time you’re in conversation with someone.

Why do we give testimony in church?

Everyone’s testimony is powerful because it is a story about moving from death to life. Giving your personal testimony is a way to share the gospel with others by explaining your personal salvation experience. It gives other an example of how God changes lives. … open to share the gospel.

How do Christians write their testimony?

Tips to Remember as You Write Your Testimony

  1. Stick to the point. Your conversion and new life in Christ should be the main points.
  2. Be specific. Include events, genuine feelings, and personal insights that clarify your main point. …
  3. Be current. Tell what’s happening in your life with God right now, today.
  4. Be honest.


What is an example of a testimony?

An example of testimony is the story a witness tells on the witness stand in court. An example of testimony is what a person says about a religious lesson he believes he learned from God.

What does the Bible say about testimony KJV?

Psalms 19:7

The law of the LORD [is] perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD [is] sure, making wise the simple.

What is another word for testimony?

Testimony Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for testimony?

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evidence statement
asseveration claim
corroboration sworn statement
proclamation averment
testimonial announcement

What is the root word of testimony?

The Latin root for testimony is testis, meaning “ witness.” “Eye witness testimony” is a phrase you will hear often in legal discussions.

What is the Greek meaning of testimony?

testimony (n.)

c. … Earliest attested sense in English is “the Ten Commandments” (late 14c.), from Vulgate use of Late Latin testimonium, along with Greek to martyrion (Septuagint), translations of Hebrew ‘eduth “attestation, testimony” (of the Decalogue), from ‘ed “witness.”

Where did the word testify come from?

“Testify” Comes From the Latin Word for Testicle.

Why is it important to have a testimony?

Testimony is a powerful tool in sharing what God has done and is continuing to do in our lives. … It is important for us to realize the value of our testimony. Not only do our testimonies represent us coming to Christ, but they can also continue to bring others to Him when we share them.

Why you should share your testimony?

Sharing your testimony helps you heal and bring us closer together. The Latin root for testimony is testis, meaning “ witness.” Compassionate witnessing of our personal series helps us recover and help others do the same.

What is the power of testimony?

However, when the Bible talks of testimony it simply means being a witness and sharing with others about your experiences with God. Testimonies are a powerful way to give praise to the Lord for the wonderful things he has done. Our personal relationship with God is built on the experiences we have with him.

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