What is the meaning of Zoe in the Bible?

Meaning:life. In the third century, Alexandrian Jews translated the Hebrew name Eve to its Greek equivalent, Zoe. The name became popular with early Christians, who associated its meaning of “life” with eternal life.

What is the meaning of Zoe?

Zoe, Zoé or Zoë (Greek: ζωή) is a female first name of Greek origin, meaning “Life”.

Does Zoe mean the God kind of life?

ZOE, a Greek word for life used multiple times in the Bible means eternal life or “The God-kind of life.” The rich abundant divine nature of God; His fullness of love, joy, power and ability. … So, zoe is not only about spending eternity with God in heaven. It includes the promise of heaven but it is so much more!

Why is Zoe used 125 times more than BIOS in the Bible?

Zoe: 1 John 5:12 Why do you think zoe is used 125 times more than bios? Jesus doesn’t want us to just live with breath in our lungs walking around as a shell of existence. He wants us to have a rare vitality, experiencing the fullness of soul someone should experience when Jesus Himself does everyday life with us.

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What dies Zoe mean in Hebrew?

Zoey, meaning “life”, has Greek origins, and is the Greek Jewish translation of the name Eve.

Is Zoe an attractive name?

As popular as it has ever been, Zoe still sounds distinctive. The phonetic Zoey spelling ranks even higher. All forms of the name are among the elite and appealing group of girl names that mean life.

Is it Zoe or Zoey?

The most popular spelling of Zoe has a Y. Zoey is Greek for “life,” and to the early Christians, the name appropriately represented eternal life. Actress Zooey Deschanel spells the name with an extra O, but it’s pronounced the same. …

Is Zoe in the Bible?

Zoe, a Roman noblewoman martyred for her faith during Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of the Christian church. Note the word “life” in each of these scriptures (partial list, not all instances in the New Testament) — that is the Greek word “Zoe”: Matthew 19:29. John 1:4.

What does God kind mean?

Noun. godkind (uncountable) Divinity; gods collectively.

How does the Bible define life?

God reveals through the author of Genesis that He created some things with nephesh. This is the Hebrew word usually translated living being in Genesis but also as life, soul or with breath. … Life is also described as being “in the blood” or the “flesh”, or having “breath”.

What is spiritual hunger?

Being spiritually hungry means you make a beeline for your prayer closet, Bible, and private sanctuary because you know God awaits. You step over magazines, craft projects, and anything that prevents you from letting God satisfy your soul. Just as your stomach gnaws and growls for food, your spirit longs for God.

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What is Greek spirit?

Pneuma (πνεῦμα) is an ancient Greek word for ‘breath’, and in a religious context for ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’. … In classical philosophy, it is distinguishable from psyche (ψυχή), which originally meant ‘breath of life’, but is regularly translated as ‘spirit’ or most often ‘soul.

How do you say Zoe in Greek?

[name]Zoe[/name] is Greek and the Greek way to pronounce the name is [name]Zo[/name]-ee.

What name means death?

Names Meaning Death or Darkness

Name: Gender: Origin:
Mabuz Masculine Ruler of death castle, Scottish
Morana Feminine Death, Slavic
Sephtis Masculine Eternal death, Persian
Than Masculine Death, Greek
Symbol of faith