Where are Jesus Jones from?

Is it Jesus Jones or Jesus Jones?

Jesus Jones are an English alternative rock band from Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire, formed in late 1988, who continue to record and perform, as of 2021. Their track “Right Here, Right Now” was an international hit, and was subsequently globally licensed for promotional and advertising campaigns.

What are Jesus Jones doing now?

Today, they are still touring, have a new album out and the band has the same line-up as they had originally. The NME’s last print edition came out in March 2018. Have Jesus Jones had the last laugh? It wasn’t easy being a music obsessive in Bradford-on-Avon in the 80s.

What genre is Jesus Jones?

Jesus Jones/Жанры

What year did Jesus Jones right here right now come out?


Who wrote right here right now?

Mike Edwards

Who sang right here right now in the kissing booth?

Right Here, Right Now (Jesus Jones song)

“Right Here, Right Now”
Length 3:09
Label Food EMI SBK RT Industries (current)
Songwriter(s) Mike Edwards
Producer(s) Martyn Phillips

Who sung right here right now?

Jesus Jones

Who sang right now?

Van Halen

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Symbol of faith