Where Love and Charity abide there God is found?

And love each other with unfeigning hearts. Where there is charity and love, there the God of love abides. And in our midst be Christ, his love and peace.

Where charity and love prevail there God is ever found?

Where charity and love prevail, there God is ever found; Brought here together by Christ’s love, by love are we thus bound.

What does Ubi Caritas et amor Deus Ibi Est mean in English?

The other day I was thinking back upon my days of school, and also the school motto ‘ubi caritas et amor deus ibi est’ which they translated from Latin to mean ‘where there is love and kindness God is there’ however my friends at google translate suggest it means ‘where charity and love are, God is there’.

What is the musical texture of Ubi Caritas?

This a cappella setting of the traditional Latin text uses sustained passages and a homophonic texture to create an excellent performance piece that is also good for teaching tone and blend. A nice, fresh treatment for intermediate-level choirs.

Is Ubi Caritas monophonic?

Maurice Duruflé: Ubi Caritas et Amor

The meditative text is set so that the freely flowing motion of the chant, first heard in the altos, is always at the forefront. It is primarily homophonic, with each voice moving together in hymn-like fashion.

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What does when love prevails mean?

vb. 1 tr to have a great attachment to and affection for. 2 tr to have passionate desire, longing, and feelings for. 3 tr to like or desire (to do something) very much.

Who wrote Where charity and love prevail?

John has composed an inspired refrain and bridge to the verses of the well-known WLP classic “Where Charity and Love Prevail” by Dom Paul Benoit.

Where there is love there is God in Latin?

Deus caritas est

Deus caritas est Latin for ‘God is Love’ Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI
Pages 95
Number 1 of 3 of the pontificate
Text In Latin In English
← Ecclesia de Eucharistia Spe Salvi →

What key is Ubi Caritas in?

Ubi Caritas by Ola Gjeilo is in the key of F# Minor.

Is Ubi Caritas polyphonic?

The text for the first motet is Ubi caritas et amor (“Where charity and love are”), an antiphon for Maundy Thursday. … In the four motets, Duruflé based his music on Gregorian chant. He combines the chant lines with a polyphonic setting. The chant is always present in one or more voices.

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