Your question: How does Larkin reflect on the wider meaning of church going?

Larkin relies on assonance to depict a vivid image of the church’s interior. The words “door thud shut,” “sprawling of flowers,” “small neat organ,” and “tense, musty,” each reflect the meaning. … Larkin is convinced that nature will take its course regardless of religion, and that the future is predetermined.

How does Larkin show his disrespect to church?

He shows disrespect for the church when he mounts the pulpit and proceeds to mock church ceremony. On the other hand, why donate to the church if you don’t believe in God? Even if what he donates has no value, the mere fact that he donated something could mean that he has, at least, a small amount of fear of God.

What is the theme of church going?

The primary theme of the poem—clear from its title, “Church Going”—is religion. The speaker is not a religious person, and he takes a dismissive, even disdainful, attitude toward religious belief. Clearly, he sees religion as something quickly becoming obsolete—something “going,” as the title says.

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Which he once heard was proper to grow wise in?

A hunger in himself to be more serious, And gravitating with it to this ground, Which, he once heard, was proper to grow wise in, If only that so many dead lie round.

Who is referred to as ruin Bibber in the church going?

This place for what it was; one of the crew. That tap and jot and know what rood-lofts were? Some ruin-bibber, randy for antique, Or Christmas addict, counting on a whiff.

Why does the Speaker take off his cycle clips inside the church?

The final two lines of this stanza continue in this humorous tone, as the speaker, who isn’t wearing a hat, wants to show his respect by taking off a piece of clothing. So he takes off his “cycle-clips,” which are accessories worn to keep you pants from getting stuck in a bicycle chain. Handy!

Why did the speaker in the poem Church Going visit the church?

The speaker of the poem sneaks into a church after making sure it’s empty. He lets the door thud shut behind him and glances around at all the fancy decorations, showing his ignorance of (or indifference to) how sacred all this stuff is supposed to be.

What kind of poem is church going?

Church Going is a medium length lyrical poem that explores the issue of the church as a spiritual base. It begins ordinarily enough, as do many of Larkin’s poems, then progresses deeper into the subject matter, the narrator questioning why people still need to go to church.

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What all things did Larkin observe in the church?

He finds that it is just like any other church. He also notices the furniture, furnishings such as the plate, the pyx, prayer books, the Bible, flowers cut for Sunday holy Mass, matting, seats, the baptismal font and the organ. There are no worshippers in the church and the silence tensed him.

What is the central idea of the poem exposure?

War: Owen once declared of all his writing that: ‘My theme is war and the pity of war’. In this poem he looks at a particular aspect of how death claimed the lives of so many soldiers. The soldiers seem to have little idea of where they are, what they are fighting for and for how long it will be.

What is the speaker’s attitude to the church that he has entered?

The speaker seems to have some kind of inner conflict about his attraction to churches. He knows, and knew, that there would not be anything new inside, but he stopped anyway. This is not unusual for him. He “often” does it and winds up in this same mental space.

How does the poem Church Going end?

In the end the poet says that it is a sacred place and all our compulsions are met here. All that will never become obsolete because someone or the other will always have a yearning to be serious. He will, then, visit the church because he has heard that this is the only place which can help man grow wise.

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What does church going mean?

churchgoing – actively practicing a religion. religious – having or showing belief in and reverence for a deity; “a religious man”; “religious attitude”

What are the three literary elements in the poem Church Going?

Three notable elements in “Church Going” could be considered to include the rhyme scheme, the careful selection of vocabulary to create word-pictures in the mind of the reader, and the conscious effort to leave the message(s) of the poem open to interpretation by the reader.

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