Your question: Is Delilah a Bible name?

Delilah is usually thought to have been a Philistine, although she is not identified as such in the Bible. The name “Delilah” is a Hebrew name, however, numerous foreigners in the Bible have Hebrew names, so Delilah’s name cannot be seen as indisputable proof that she was Hebrew.

What is the origin of the name Delilah?

Delilah as a girl’s name is of Hebrew origin meaning “languishing, lovelorn, or seductive”. It is the Biblical name of the woman who beguiled Samson into revealing the secret of his superhuman strength.

Is Delilah a rare name?

Delilah was the 69th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 3,384 baby girls named Delilah. 1 out of every 517 baby girls born in 2020 are named Delilah.

Is Delilah an Israelite?

Like Samson, Delilah is a liminal and complex character. As a Philistine, she is a hero among Israel’s enemies. As an Israelite, she is a traitor to her own people.

What does it mean to be called a Delilah?

a seductive and treacherous woman. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “delicate.”

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What is a nickname for Delilah?

She can be shortened to Lilah if you choose or the adorable Dede, but she isn’t a name that’s automatically shortened if you’re not a fan of nicknames. Delilah may have ancient roots, but she is a natural among today’s names. The -la suffix sound is trending with Camila, Layla, and Stella just some of its models.

Is Delilah a good name?

Delilah Origin and Meaning

Checking out Delilah’s popularity graph shows that Delilah’s use is heading straight for the top. Right now, Delilah is among the most popular Hebrew names for girls in the US as well as the Number 1 girls’ name starting with D.

How old is the name Delilah?

Meaning & History

Despite her character flaws, the name began to be used by the Puritans in the 17th century. It has been used occasionally in the English-speaking world since that time.

What is a good middle name for Delilah?

If you’re really stuck, just use your name as the middle name. Lucy, Josephine, Elizabeth. I really like Delilah, and there are several songs too!

Can Lily be a nickname for Delilah?

Lily is okay as a nn for Delilah, although I much prefer Delilah, Delia, or Lilah.

Who was Micah’s mother in judges?

Louis Ginzberg’s classic The Legends of the Jews further mentions that Micah’s mother was none other than Delilah, and that the Philistines bribed her with the 1,100 shekels for Samson’s secret.

Who was Delilah’s father?


Father Charlotte Farache
Jonathan Dixon † Delilah Dixon

Did Samson have a child?

Birth of Samson

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Manoah and his wife were childless, but an angel of the Lord appeared to Manoah’s wife and told her that she would give birth to a son. The child was to be dedicated from the womb as a Nazirite, which entailed restrictions on his diet, which the angel spelled out in detail.

Did Samson really exist?

Joan Comay, co-author of Who’s Who in the Bible: The Old Testament and the Apocrypha, The New Testament, believes that the biblical story of Samson is so specific concerning time and place that Samson was undoubtedly a real person who pitted his great strength against the oppressors of Israel.

Who is Delilah on the radio?

Delilah Rene (born February 15, 1960, in North Bend, Oregon) is an American radio personality, author, and songwriter, best known as the host of a nationally syndicated nightly U.S. radio song request and dedication program, with an estimated 8 million listeners.

What age did Samson die?

His satire of the expectation of sabra sacrifice is played out in the meditation on age within the poem; as a child he hoped to die at seventeen and a day, thereby signifying the associated attendant expectation of heroism, which is then contrasted to the eighty-year-old Samson at the end of the poem.

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