Frequent question: How much does it cost to go to Santa Margarita Catholic High School?

Santa Margarita Catholic High School
Newspaper The Eagle Eye
Yearbook The Talon
Tuition Yearly Registration is $550 and Yearly Technology Fee $685 plus, $14,975 Registered Catholic, $16,650 Non Catholic (2016-2016)

How much does Santa Margarita High School cost?

Finances and Admission

Admission Deadline None / Rolling
Yearly Tuition Cost $16,435 View national tuition avg.
Tuition Notes $16,435 is Catholic rate for 2020-2021 $18,275 is non-Catholic rate for 2020-2021

How many students attend Santa Margarita Catholic High School?

1 6732018

How many kids go to Santa Margarita?

Santa Margarita is a co-ed college-prep school with nearly 1,700 students.

What league is Santa Margarita High School in?

Athletics. Santa Margarita Catholic High School’s athletic teams, known as the Eagles, compete in the Trinity League.

Is Jserra a good school?

Other than that Jserra is a great school. Definitely has a small community, and most teachers are great if you talk to them. The academics are pretty nice too, definitely not groundbreaking though. Overall, I am pretty pleased with my experience at Jserra despite the minor flaws.

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