Question: Do you use Power Word shield as holy priest?

Is Power Word: Shield Worth Casting as a Holy Priest? Renew. Ideally, you should rarely ever need to cast Power Word: Shield due to its poor healing for Mana spent. That said, it does have a use for periods where you have no other instant-cast abilities and need to save someone on the brink of death.

Is Power Word shield a holy spell?

It creates a protective shield around a friendly target which absorbs a set amount of damage. Power Word: Shield also gives the target the Weakened Soul debuff for 15 seconds, which prevents the target from being shielded.

Power Word: Shield
Class Priest
Type Defensive
School Holy

Can Power Word shield crit Shadowlands?

Comment by 365880. Also, if you have Glyph of Power Word: Shield, the healing it causes can crit. You don’t get any extra healing from it, but it can activate Divine Aegis for a double bubble.

Which is better disc or holy priest healing?

Holy priest is a lot easier and a lot more straightforward. Disc is significantly better for 5 man content for a multitude of reasons (Holy is much more indexed toward AoE healing, has no real defensive external, and does less damage).

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Is holy priest good in Shadowlands?

Holy Priest is a fantastic reactive healer, especially suited for healing large groups and raids. … Holy Word: Salvation gives Holy Priest a second raid cooldown, which can be invaluable to your healing team.

How much does Power Word Shield absorb?

Draws on the soul of the party member to shield them, absorbing 48 damage. Lasts 30 sec. While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage.

Does spell power affect power word shield?

Talents and spells

Improved Power Word: Shield increases the amount of damage absorbed by the shield. Mental Agility reduces the mana cost of Power Word: Shield.

Is discipline or holy better for healing?

Holy has a heal for every scenario and is much better at saving people who are learning mechanics – ie standing in the fire more than they should. Holy will be an excellent raid healer -they have some excellent AoE heals and raid cooldowns.

Is Holy Nova worth it Shadowlands?

No. The 0.1% of times you will ever need to use it in higher level content will be for some mechanic never for either the damage or the healing it does. Similar to how you said you use it to unstealth rogue. Put somewhere on your extra bar but it is not worth keybinding.

Does Powerword shield stack?

Power Word: Shield do stack, but you have to be really really lucky with the timing. it is possible to apply two shields on the same target, but only one weakened soul – if they are cast within the same 0.3 second window.

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What is the best priest class in WoW?

Priest Class Best Race

  • Best – Undead, Dwarves.
  • Average – Night Elf, Troll, Humans.
  • Weak –
  • Not Available – Tauren, Gnome, Orc.

Is Disc better than Holy?

Pretty much every healer, when it comes to class mastery, is going to put in the same amount of work. Holy is just a far smoother and simpler learning curve up to that mastery point. Wheras Disc takes about as much effort at the very top level, but on the way up the skill curve looks more like a series of cliffs.

Is disc or holy better for healing Shadowlands?

Disc will be better in arena. You will insta die in 3s as holy. Holy is good in rbgs because you provide a ton of aoe healing while the other 2 healers can press o-sh1t buttons and single target healing.

Is holy priest easy?

Holy Priest’s strength comes from its immense amounts of healing throughput. Holy Priest is also easy to pick up and start learning. Their weakness is that they are a jack-of-all-trades, master of none kind of spec, and they bring no damage reduction to the table, unlike the other priest healing spec: Discipline.

How is holy priest Shadowlands?

Holy Priest in Shadowlands does not have any monumental changes to the playstyle or structure. … While they lack a specific niche, they make up for it in great raid-oriented tools and cooldowns, which have only grown in Shadowlands with the addition of Circle of Healing to the baseline kit.

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What is the best corruption for holy priest?

Best Holy Priest Corruption Bonuses. One of the top Corruption effects to prioritize is Ineffable Truth. More cooldown reduction is insanely helpful for Holy Priest in accelerating their throughput and reducing their heavier cooldowns.

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