What does betrothal mean in the Bible?

Erusin (אירוסין‎) is the Hebrew term for betrothal. In modern Hebrew, “erusin” means engagement, but this is not the historical meaning of the term, which is the first part of marriage (the second part being nissuin).

Is betrothal the same as marriage?

Betrothal, promise that a marriage will take place. … In societies in which premarital sexual relations are condoned or in which consensual union is common, betrothal may be unimportant. In other societies, however, betrothal is a formal part of the marriage process.

What does betrothal mean?

1 : the act of betrothing or fact of being betrothed. 2 : a mutual promise or contract for a future marriage.

How long did a betrothal last?

The exact duration of a betrothal varies according to culture and the participants’ needs and wishes. For adults, it may be anywhere from several hours (when the betrothal is incorporated into the wedding day itself) to a period of several years. A year and a day are common in neo-pagan groups today.

What is the difference between espoused and betrothed?

As verbs the difference between betroth and espouse

is that betroth is to promise to give in marriage while espouse is to become/get married to.

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Is betrothal in the Bible?

In the Hebrew Bible

A non-traditional view is that the betrothal was effected simply by purchasing the girl from her father (or guardian) (i.e. paying a bride price to her bride and her father). The price paid for her (bride price) is known by the Hebrew term mohar ( מוהר‎).

How did Mary become betrothed to Joseph?

The High Priest ordered them to each bring a rod; he that owned the rod which would bear flowers was divinely ordained to become Mary’s husband. After the Holy Spirit descended as a dove and caused Joseph’s rod to blossom, he and Mary were wed according to Jewish custom.

What is a betrothal blessing?

A betrothal ceremony or rite of betrothal is a ceremony in the Catholic religion in which a couple pledges to marry one another on a specified date. The agreement is morally binding under canon law.

How do you write betrothal?


  1. “Here’s to your engagement! …
  2. “Cheers on your engagement!”
  3. “Here’s to a very happy engagement and a lifetime of love.”
  4. “Cheers to the two of you…and to the love you share!”
  5. “May your engagement be happy. …
  6. “A toast to your engagement! …
  7. “Here’s to the wonderful two of you! …
  8. “Celebrating your engagement!


What is infant betrothal marriage?

Child betrothal refers to the promise or engagement between a man and a newly born baby girl. In such circumstances, the approach to the parents of the baby is made as soon as the sex of the infant is known (Tait 1961).

Why do Jews break glass at weddings?

The breaking of the glass holds multiple meanings. Some say it represents the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Others say it demonstrates that marriage holds sorrow as well as joy and is a representation of the commitment to stand by one another even in hard times.

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Who betrothed Mary to Joseph?

In Nazareth, a city in the northern region of Galilee, a young girl named Mary was betrothed to Joseph, of the house of David. Before their marriage, an angel named Gabriel was sent to Mary and said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.”

Why did Joseph have to divorce Mary?

Most of the ancient commentators of the Bible interpreted it as meaning that Joseph was law-abiding, and as such decided to divorce Mary in keeping with Mosaic Law when he found her pregnant by another. However, his righteousness was tempered by mercy and he thus kept the affair private.

Was Mary legally married to Joseph?

Joseph (Hebrew: יוֹסֵף‎, romanized: Yosef; Greek: Ἰωσήφ, romanized: Ioséph) is a figure in the canonical gospels who was married to Mary, mother of Jesus, and was the legal father of Jesus.

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