Frequent question: How long is the play Jesus Christ Superstar?

This sung-through musical centres on the final days of the life of Jesus, and runs at approximately 90 minutes without an interval.

Is Jesus Christ Superstar set in modern times?

‒Imagine Productions director Douglas Shaffer speaks with cast members during a rehearsal for ‘Jesus Christ Superstar. ‘ Unlike the original Broadway and London shows or the 1973 film based on them, the local production is set in the present day.

What age is Jesus Christ Superstar suitable for?

Even though my six and nine year old enjoy the show and watch without flinching at the violence and having had no concerns or nightmares since, I feel I should recommend it as suitable for older children, perhaps 13+ rather than little ones like mine.

How long will Jesus Christ Superstar be on youtube?

It will be available for 48 hours.

Is Jesus Christ Superstar Cancelled?

The arena staging of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s Jesus Christ Superstar, which was to launch a 50-city North American summer tour June 9 in New Orleans, has been canceled, producers announced May 30.

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