What song did Eric Church wrote for his wife?

“We decided that it would be the ideal spot to get married, up in the North Carolina mountains, with just family around us. I can’t imagine a more perfect spot.” During the ceremony, Eric surprised his bride by performing “You Make It Look So Easy,” a song he wrote for Blasingame.

What song did Eric Church sing at his wedding?

Church wrote her a love song for their wedding

He surprised his bride with “You Make It Look So Easy” and performed it on their wedding day. The song was later released on his 2009 album, Carolina.

Who is the woman singing with Eric Church?

Joanna Cotten (born in Memphis, Tennessee) is an American country music singer.

Is Eric Church married?

Кэтрин Бласингеймв браке с 2008

How old is Katherine Blasingame church?

Katherine is 40 years old and was born on November 30, 1979.

Who is Eric Church’s back up singer?

Introducing Eric Church’s Backup Singer Joanna Cotten – Country Music Family.

Is Eric Church married and have kids?

Eric Church is all about being a doting dad. Though it feels like the country music star is always on the road for his legendary career, he doesn’t jeopardize his time with his family because his wife, Katherine Blasingame, and their two kids, Boone McCoy and Tennessee Hawkins, never leave his side.

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Does Eric Church have a girlfriend?


Does Kip Moore have a wife?

Another Mediamass article states that the Washington Daily News confirmed that Kip actually got married to an unnamed longtime girlfriend in an intimate ceremony.

Is Eric Church a member of the Grand Ole Opry?

Modern country outlaw Eric Church made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2006 and has made frequent trips to their stage in the past nine years. He’s a no-frills and no-fuss performer, which is a perfect fit for the Opry stage.

What is Eric Church net worth?

Eric Church net worth: Eric Church is an American country music singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $14 million.

How can I meet Eric Church?

Eric Church. You must be a Premium Church Choir member to sign up for our meet and greet contests. If you are a member and want to sign up for a meet and greet, please visit the tour events page and click the “meet and greet” button next to the date you are attending.

Who is Luke Bryan’s wife?

Caroline Boyerm. 2006

What age is Luke Combs?

31 years (March 2, 1990)

How tall is Katherine Blasingame?

She stands up to 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a weight of 56 kg. Katherine has a slim body type.

More Facts of Katherine Blasingame.

Full Name: Katherine Blasingame
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Marital Status: married
Married Date: January 8, 2008
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